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Kitten & Puppy Yoga

Team cat or team dog? There is no need to choose a side :  one out of two weekend is Kitten yoga, the other one Puppy Yoga 🐾💗

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Puppy labrador pour le Puppy Yoga Paris

Puppy yoga

Kitten Yoga pour le Kitten yoga paris

Kitten Yoga

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Welcome to Kitten & Puppy Yoga - Your Animal Relaxation Oasis in Paris!


Immerse yourself in an interactive world of well-being with our Kitten & Puppy Yoga, a fun and soothing experience. Our sessions are designed to create a magical interaction between yoga, relaxation, and our adorable playful puppies and cuddly kittens. 🐾🧘‍♀️


Let yourself be carried away by a unique session of relaxation with puppies, where stress melts under the hugs of our friends. These therapeutic and anti-stress sessions are designed to promote relaxation, balance and mental health.


The benefits of connecting with our pets are numerous: release of endorphins, joy, pleasure, and inner harmony. 💫🍃

Explore the playful and beneficial nature of our sessions, where every moment is a source of happiness. Our goal is to help you find the serenity and inner peace needed for mindfulness that will guide you to total fulfillment. 🌈🌸


Give your mind a haven of serenity with our animal wellness sessions, an immersive experience designed especially for stress. 🤗❣️

Book your happy session now and immerse yourself in a world of fun, animal interaction and positive energy with Kitten & Puppy Yoga. 🐱🐶


Kitten Yoga 

True fusion of relaxation and cute, Kitten Yoga comes straight from Australia.


This original form of yoga incorporates cute little kittens in meditation and stretching sessions, creating a unique environment. While the participants immerse themselves in their postures and breaths, the kittens walk freely. Beyond the playful aspect, Kitten Yoga facilitates the socialization of kittens and facilitate their adoption.

Puppy Yoga 

Puppy Yoga is a unique experience that combines the physical and emotional well-being of yoga practice with the joy and enthusiasm of puppies.

Imagine stretching your muscles and working your flexibility while being surrounded by small playful puppies that frolic around you. 

The moments of cuddling, licking and spontaneous games with the puppies add a playful dimension to the session, creating a joyful and relaxed atmosphere. The presence of puppies also has beneficial effects on emotional well-being, promoting the release of endorphins and reducing stress.

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